Farley appointed mayor of Brighton

BRIGHTON — When the Brighton City Council member Chuck Emry voted to approve former mayor Rob Farley to serve as mayor until the next election in November, he also asked for council member Rose Jaynes to resign from the council.

Both Jaynes and Farley had put their names in for the office after Mayor David Hagans resigned in February. Emry pointed to a heated discussion Jaynes and Hagans had during the January meeting, calling it misconduct. He admonished Jaynes for use of profanity during the meeting and said he was not happy about the situation.

“I believe there is a code of conduct that should be observed in this room by the body of people who sit at this table,” he said.

He said Jaynes had lost her temper and had responded in a way she should not have. Jaynes denied losing her temper. She said she made a measured response during the meeting. Jaynes also said she had not called Hagans any expletive. Emry commented in his time on the council, there had been many arguments, but never had any of the members used profanity against each other. Emry also commented if Hagans hadn’t resigned, he would have also asked Hagans to resign.

During the January meeting, there had been a disagreement regarding sending letters to request certain residents clear nuisance properties. Hagans disagreed with the practice of sending a few letters at a time and said letters should be sent to all residents violating the city’s nuisance codes.

Emry said there was no clear code of conduct in the city’s code book. He hopes to pursue adding one in the future.

“You have to have the right temperament to hold that position,” Emry said of the mayor’s office. “For that reason I am going with Rob as mayor.”

Jaynes said she does not plan to resign the council position.

As the council was deliberating, Jaynes cited her work as a business person in the community for 30 years and that she had a teaching certificate as pluses in her favor. She also commented that Farley had not submitted his name in writing as the city had recommended.

Members of the public have 14 days to call for a special election.

Farley said he appreciates the confidence the council showed in him to serve as mayor. He said he has experience as mayor and he knows how to help people and how to resolve confrontations. He hopes to be a benefit to the community.