Maher takes helm as Hy-Vee's new store director

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Mark Maher is the new director of the Washington HyVee.
Submitted photo Mark Maher is the new director of the Washington HyVee.

Mark Maher may have only been in Washington for about a week in his new role as the store director of Washington Hy-Vee, but he says he finds Washington to be very welcoming and looks forward to becoming a part of the community.

Born and raised in Corning, Maher graduated from Corning High School and got his first job with Hy-Vee shortly afterward as a full-time assistant manager. During his time at the Corning store, he was a produce frozen dairy manager and scanning coordinator. After about eight years at his home store, he moved to Johnston where he took the role of assistant director of store operations. He later moved to Coralville where he was the assistant director of store operations. He said the Washington store is his first time being a store director.

What brings you to Washington?

Through the company. The position was open and I thought it was a nice town and close in proximity to where I was at.

Since you have been in Washington, what do you think?

It’s great. I’ve met a lot of good people. It seems like nice community and very tight-knit. The staff is very tenured and there is a lot of history between the store and the staff, which is nice for me coming in to have some people to lean on who know the community and know members of the community to ease myself in.

You are going to be getting a new gas station at the store.

Yes, it should be very exciting for the store and the community. It opens tentatively on Jan. 11, but the weather is not being very cooperative right now. It will be everything a big convenience store will have, just on a smaller scale.

Why did you go into being a grocer?

It seems like Hy-Vee chooses you sometimes and you don’t choose it. Coming out of high school I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and was offered a full-time position and at the time it was just something temporary to do until something else came along. I ended up falling in love with the grocery business and decided since I was that far invested to make a career out of it.

What is it about the grocery business you like?

It ever-changing. It’s constantly evolving. You never spend too much time on one thing during your day. The people are obviously a big aspect — the public and the employees. Being able to make a difference.

What are some of your hobbies?

There isn’t too much down time, but when I’m able to get out I like to be on the golf course. I exercise a bit. I enjoy running. The Chicago Cubs is my team of choice.

What are your plans for the future?

In the near future to take this store to another level in terms of sales, growth and profitability. Beyond that to continue to grow as a store director. To become part of the Washington community.