Police Log

Jail count

Males – 13

Females – 3

Work release – 0

Special needs – 0

Contract inmates – 48

Treatment – 0

Holding – 1

Other facility – 0

Total – 65


An officer reported a subject already in jail had a warrant that needed to be served, Thursday morning at Lexington Boulevard in Washington. Farah Abdimal, 21, of Columbus, was arrested on a Washington County warrant for disorderly conduct fighting or violent behavior. Bond was $300 cash only. An officer served the warrant.

A caller Thursday morning at East Monroe Street in Washington reported a suspicious white car parked behind the school ear the softball field. Officers responded. Brenda Lee Williams, 50, of Brighton, was arrested on a Mahaska County warrant for unlawful possession of prescription drug. Bond was $1,000 cash only.

A caller Thursday evening at East Madison Street in Washington reported coming home and three windows were broken out on the side of the house. There was a black male on the front porch who had then left on foot going toward Goodwill. Two officers responded. Jason Phillip Floyd, 25, of Washington, was arrested on charges of seven counts of first-degree harassment, two counts of assault on a peace officer, two counts of interference with official acts, third-degree criminal mischief and attempt to disarm a police officer.

Traffic accident

A caller Thursday morning on Wayland Road in Washington reported a white car in the ditch on Wayland Road south of the Coppock Road intersection. They did not believe anyone was in the vehicle. An officer responded and confirmed no one was with the vehicle. Contact was made with the owner, who had swerved to miss a deer. They did not believe there was any damage to their vehicle. An officer responded with Moore’s Towing to remove the vehicle.

A caller Thursday morning on South Avenue B in Washington reported hitting a maroon Chevrolet Impala in the high school parking lot. An officer responded. The accident occurred on private property. Damages were under $1,500, and information was exchanged between the parties. Operators were Danielle Andrew and a juvenile driver.

Traffic stop serious

An officer reported being at a vehicle stop, Thursday morning at South Avenue C in Washington. It was a vehicle that the owner had flagged an officer down about not being able to locate it. Three officers responded. Steven Lee Myers, 29, of North Liberty, was cited for driving under suspension fourth offense.

Traffic other

A caller Thursday morning at 135th Street and Highway 218 in Riverside reported that her son tried to drive down 135th Street and was stuck in a blue 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt west of Highway 218. An officer checked on the vehicle. It appeared that he was able to drive it out due to the mud on the roadway.

Secondary Roads reported a semi parked loading corn out blocking the roadway, Thursday afternoon at Birch Avenue and 305th Street in Brighton. An officer responded and spoke with operators of all of the vehicles there on the roadway. They were advised to move.

Secondary Roads reported another semi loading out corn on the roadway, Thursday afternoon at Fir Avenue and 190th Street in Keota. Three officers responded. The semi was escorted to the residence. The appropriate department handled the call.

A caller Thursday evening at Deer Run Drive in Riverside reported an erratic driver in the area. The driver almost struck the caller and his daughter while they were walking. He believed the driver was his neighbor. An officer spoke with both parties, and they were told to not make contact with each other.

Fire calls

JECC reported a fire alarm in the media center at IMS School, on 540th Street S.W. in Kalona. Kalona Fire was paged and disregarded. There was no fire.

Animal complaint

A caller Thursday morning at North Avenue D and West Fifth Street in Washington reported that her husband was walking to work, and a loose dog from the house near the intersection came after him. He did get the dog away from him. There were no known injuries. An officer responded and spoke with the victim and a subject at the residence where the dog belonged. The victim was not injured, just shaken up. The dog was inside the residence upon the officer’s arrival. The incident was documented at that time.

A caller Thursday afternoon at West Fifth Street in Washington reported that they were on the Kewash Trail during the morning and a loose dog chased them. An officer spoke with the caller as well as responded to the owner’s residence. The caller was not able to identify which dog was loose, and all dogs were at the residence upon the officer’s arrival.


A caller Thursday evening at East Madison Street and South Iowa Avenue in Washington reported subjects in the alleyway behind the Police Department holding down another person. This was related to another call that officers were handling. Documentation was made.


A caller Thursday afternoon at North Marion Avenue in Washington reported the theft of a package from his residence. An officer responded. There was either a mis-delivery or the package was taken from the residence. There were no suspects. The caller had notified the post office and would notify Amazon. Documentation was made. About six hours later, at 6:29 p.m., the caller reported that the package just arrived.

A caller Thursday night at North Fifth Avenue in Washington reported that it appeared someone broke into his house while he was gone. He was unsure if anything was missing. An officer responded. The report is under investigation. Burglary occurred between Sept. 27 and Oct. 4.


A caller Thursday afternoon at East Main Street in Washington reported being the victim of a computer fraud for $500. An officer was advised for documentation. She had already contacted the attorney general’s officer and the Federal Trade Commission. She had also notified her bank, which suggested she report it.

Illegal dumping

A caller Thursday night at South 10th Avenue in Washington reported illegal dumping on his property. An officer responded. It was a trash bag full of children’s clothes. An officer took the items and was going to keep them at the Police Department for a couple of days to see if someone called in about them.


A caller Thursday afternoon at South Marion Avenue in Washington reported being harassed by a subject from Bondurant. An officer spoke with the caller and left a voice mail for the male party, advising him to cease contact.

An officer received a report of harassment between two students, Thursday afternoon at South Avenue B in Washington. The officer advised that the incident was under investigation.

Stolen property

A caller Thursday afternoon on Highway 22 in Riverside reported staying at the casino and leaving an item behind. She had contacted them, but they couldn’t locate it. An officer spoke with the caller. Documentation was made for insurance purposes. The officer also advised that he would contact DCI.

Suspicious activity

A caller Thursday afternoon at South Fourth Avenue in Washington requested to speak to an officer in reference to suspicious activity near the school. An officer responded. Documentation was made, and an email will be put out in reference to extra patrol.

A caller Thursday night at West Jefferson Street in Washington reported that across the street there was a car with a door open and no one around. Also, the neighbor’s house door was wide open as well. The caller called back in and advised to disregard. Everything was fine.

A suspicious vehicle reportedly pulled into the parking lot with the lights off and was still sitting there, Thursday night at Sixth Street in Kalona. An officer checked the area but was unable to locate any vehicle.

All other offenses

A caller Thursday night at East Main Street in Washington reported that his debit card was missing. He was unsure where he lost it. The information was documented.

A caller early Friday morning at East Third Street in Washington reported that her neighbor was out on her front porch screaming. She had been doing this over the past couple of days. Two officers responded. One officer spoke with the female about the issue and told her to call it a night. The officer also spoke with the caller. She was to call back if the issue continued.