Police log

Jail count

Males – N/A

Females – N/A

Work release – N/A

Special needs – N/A

Contract inmates – N/A

Treatment – N/A

Holding – N/A

Other facility – N/A

Total – N/A


An officer reported being out with a wanted subject, Thursday night at North Fifth Avenue in Washington. Nikita Renee Jones, 25, of Washington, was arrested on a Washington County warrant for failure to appear for pretrial on possession of controlled substance – methamphetamine first offense. Bond was $1,000 cash only.

Traffic accident

A caller Thursday morning at South Marion Avenue in Washington reported that a subject came to the door, stating he had hit his parked vehicle. An officer responded. The vehicle operator was Juan Hernandez Silva, of Washington. Hernandez was cited for failure to maintain control. A state report will be filed.

A caller Thursday morning at Louisa Washington Road in Ainsworth reported that her parents tried to run her off the road. She was then at her friend’s house and was unsure where her parents were. They were driving a small silver car. Two officers responded. All subjects were located. Vehicle operators were Stephanie Knerr, of Ainsworth, and Dennis Laymon, of Ainsworth. Laymon was cited into court for driving under suspension. The subject was also given a voluntary statement to fill out pertaining to the accident.

A caller Thursday afternoon at East Third Street in Washington reported sliding on the roadway and hitting a tree, with no injuries. An officer responded. Damages amounted to more than $1,500. A report will be filed. There appeared to be no damage to the tree.

A caller Thursday afternoon at West Washington Street in Washington reported witnessing a red pickup back into a planter in front of the library, causing damage to the planter. The incident happened approximately 15 minutes earlier. The caller was not able to obtain any license plate information. An officer responded and advised that the damages to the planters were from a previous incident.

Traffic other

A caller Thursday morning at 250th Street in Washington reported that a semi went down Old 92 under the railroad bridge and was too tall. They were then backing up, and there was traffic backed up on the roadway. Two officers responded. The semi was gone upon the officers’ arrival. There were fresh scrape marks on the underneath side of the bridge. Canadian Pacific railroad was advised. The officers later stopped the semi and spoke with the driver. The driver indicated that he did not hit the bridge and there were no damages to the semi truck or trailer.

A caller Thursday morning at East Washington Street in Washington requested to speak with an officer at City Hall in reference to a subject running a stop sign. An officer responded. A welfare check was requested on the driver. The subject was fine. He wasn’t feeling well and was in a hurry to get home.

A caller Thursday afternoon at Highway 92 in Washington reported that his vehicle was damaged and he just noticed it. He said it might have happened at a local business. He had already taken it to a body shop and had an estimate on damages to the bumper. An officer spoke with the caller. The incident was documented.

Disabled vehicles

A caller Thursday morning reported a tan-colored vehicle with flashers on in the area of 160th Street and Highway 218 in Riverside, in the northbound side. The driver was walking down the roadway from the vehicle. An officer responded and was unable to locate the subject or the vehicle.

Civil standby

A caller Thursday morning at South Avenue B in Washington requested a civil standby for a cleaning company walk-through. An officer responded. There were no issues.

Disorderly conduct

A caller Thursday afternoon at South Fourth Avenue in Washington reported a juvenile in the office being noncompliant. An officer responded. The juvenile was picked up by a grandmother and would be out of school for two days. No charges were issued.

A caller Thursday afternoon at North Taylor Street in Brighton reported that her 14-year-old daughter was throwing things in the residence and threatening to run away. They were currently at a specific lot. An officer responded. The juvenile was taken back to another lot, and the parents were advised of their options.

Drug/narcotics violation

A caller Thursday afternoon reported finding a suspicious item in the pocket of a pair of jeans while doing laundry. An officer responded and retrieved the item. The item was disposed of.

A caller Thursday night at C Avenue in Kalona reported that a 21-year-old male subject was playing basketball and was then acting strange. The caller wanted him to be checked out. An ambulance and Kalona QRS responded. Kalona QRS requested assistance because the subject was combative. Two officers responded. An officer and the ambulance transported the subject to the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City, arriving at 7:55 p.m. A report will be filed.


A caller Thursday afternoon at East Third Street in Washington reported that her cousin used her information to get an insurance quote for her car, and requested to speak with an officer. An officer responded. The incident happened last June and in Iowa City. She was advised to call Iowa City Police and also to check her credit score.

Hang-up 911 calls

A 911 call was reported, Thursday night at West Second Street in Kalona, and the caller sounded frantic and hung up quickly. An officer responded and spoke with the subject. She advised that one of her family members was sick but did not need an ambulance to transport.

Motor vehicle theft

Keokuk County reported locating a stolen vehicle from Washington County, Thursday evening at South Stone in Sigourney. The owner was advised, and the vehicle was cleared from the system.

Suspicious activity

A caller Thursday night at West Madison Street in Washington reported that a male subject had been at the store for an hour and a half. He was currently sitting in a vehicle and was wearing a black coat with stocking cap. He had been inside the store and back out several times. Two officers responded. The subject just had vehicle problems.


A caller Thursday morning at Seventh Avenue in Wellman reported vandalism to a window at the business the previous day after school. The caller advised an officer that two youngsters threw a chunk of ice at the window. The caller requested documentation.

All other theft

A caller Thursday night at West Madison Street in Washington reported a black Toyota SUV type of vehicle left without paying for $22.21 in gas. The caller gave the license plate number, but it did not match the vehicle description. An officer was advised. The information was documented.