Riverside Fire to install LED lighting

RIVERSIDE — The lighting in the Riverside Fire Department will be getting an upgrade to replace its fluorescent and high bay lighting in the fire station.

During its regular meeting Tuesday evening, the Riverside City Council approved allowing the fire department to spend $11,268 of its $15,000 maintenance budget to have LED lighting installed. Fire Department member Curtis Sexton appeared before the council to answer questions about the upgrade before the issue was voted on. He explained the new LEDs would provide quite a bit of energy savings in the building.

“This is a pretty good-sized upgrade which will end up saving the fire department a lot of cost,” council member Robert Schneider said,

Council member Ralph Schnoebelen also commented that LED lighting is much brighter than normal lighting. He also said LED lights last much longer than normal bulbs. Sexton said the LEDs that would be used in the upgrade would give the same amount of lighting as standard lights. Schneider also commented that Washington County has replaced some of its lights with LEDs and had gotten rebates as a result.

Previously Sitler’s LED supplies had given a presentation on the impact of installing LEDs in the fire station to the city council.

Sexton said the upgrade fit within this year’s fire department budget. Council member Andy Rogers mentioned the fire department was asking for the money, but might have the work done in increments.

“After seeing the cost and the total project we just thought it was not feasible to do the project all at once,” Sexton said. He said there are many deadlines when the application for energy saving rebates were due and he did not believe all the work could be completed by the deadline date. Rogers also commented that the project fit within the fire department’s budget with the rebates, but not without. Sexton said there was no possibility the department would not get the rebates.

“When they set up the project, they set up the rebates as well,” he said. “Not getting those just isn’t an option.”