Sacha club prepares for easter

Sacha Club met on February 25, 2019, at the Ainsworth Community Church. Six members were present. The January meeting had been canceled due to the weather. The secretary and treasurer reports were given and approved as presented.

April 20, 2019, will be the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the Ainsworth Community. Linda McNeil will make reservations with the Conservation Center for this event. The group discussed the gift idea as well as expected attendance.

Election of Officers is being postponed until March due to the low attendance at this meeting.

Brenda Bean reported that she has not been able to reschedule the program on Hats for Hero’s. She will pursue this further with the program leader.

The members take an annual field trip in April. Rocky Roberts makes the arrangements.

She asked for suggestions about where we would be interested in visiting. The group was most interested in the Iowa City area. The date was set for Saturday, April 27th.

Brenda Bean presented a program on making cards for those who attend Camp Reece at Lake Darling this summer. She provided the materials, and members made many cards for this event.

Karen Megchelsen provided refreshments.

Next meeting will be on March 25 at the Ainsworth Community Church. Program will be preparing the supplies for the Easter Egg Hunt.