Students say they were offered candy by unknown adults

Parents of Lincoln Elementary School students received a letter from Superintendent William Stone alerting them to a Thursday incident in which adults offered some children candy as they were walking on the north side of the school.

The students were not harmed or threatened, the letter said, and the students immediately ran inside the school and reported the encounter to a teacher.

The Washington Police Department was contacted with a description of the individuals and provided with images from school cameras.

Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman said his department is taking the incident seriously and is thoroughly investigating the student’s report.

“We have some leads and we will be following up on all the information we have received,” he said. “We are actively monitoring the situation.”

An extra police patrol was assigned to the school today.

School officials said they would review safety precautions with the students and remind them to walk in pairs or groups when possible and be aware of their surroundings.

Police and school officials will continue to monitor the school neighborhood.